40 Amp Charge Controller Display Kit

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PVCM40D Kit:
Product Sheet

Product Overview

The controller in this kit is now obsolete and has been replaced by the PVCM40D-MPTLi.Please use the following links:

Controller: PVCM40D-MPTLi: Solar Charge Module programmed for Lithium batteries using Multi Point Tracking

Kit: SunExplorer II 40D-MPTLi: 40Amp Kit programmed for Lithium Batteries using Multi Point Tracking & PWM with Display


**The PVDM6-40 display units are only compatible with the PVCM40D charge controller.  They ARE NOT interchangeable with other parts from other kits.**

The 40 Amp solar charge module with the PVDM6-40 Display handles up to 40 Amps at either 12 or 24 volts DC.  It is ideally suited for RV’s, Motor homes, off-grid applications, such as small cabins, remote homes, or other off-grid applications. 

The solar charge controller with its built-in temperature sensor is mounted near the battery area and the PVDM6-40/500 display is mounted in the living area and is connected to the charge controller with a standard Ethernet chord.  The PVDM6 light-switch-sized remote display (with a back-lit LCD for dimly lit locations) indicates the battery voltage, solar charge amps, solar amp hours, battery percent remaining, battery load amps, and battery amp hours. A single scroll button easily switches between the various readouts.  Low battery voltage generates a flashing display alarm.  The PVCM40D charge controller incorporates temperature compensation and LEDs to indicate power charge status and three levels of battery charge.   It switches automatically between 12 and 24-volt systems and its pulse action extends battery life by reducing sulfation.

The PVCM40D can handle up to 700 Watts but check the current rating on the solar panel because each manufacturer can be slightly different.

The PVDM6-40 is a high quality brushed aluminum face plate.

SOLD SEPERATELY:  The 500 Amp load shunt (A0225) is REQUIRED for the PVDM6 Display to show the battery load Amps and battery Amp hours. 

The 500 Amp shunt connects to the PVCM40D’s external load shunt input (A0348). 

The PVCM Kit with Display is also available in a 25 Amp kit.  See PVCM25D Kit with Display.

For more information go to “other details” for the product sheet. 

PVCM 40D Dimensions: W: 4.0” x H: 1.3” x D: 2.1”

PVDM6 Display Dimensions: W: 2.75” x H: 4.5” x D: .75”


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