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Atkinson Electronics was founded in 1976 by Gaylen Atkinson to design and supply custom control systems for a variety of solar hot water projects. Atkinson Electronics was incorporated in 1980 by Gaylen Atkinson, his wife Janeal Atkinson, and Jerry Pierce. Bryce Atkinson, currently serving as vice president, joined the company in 1981. In the last few years, three long-term employees-Mike Bailey, Russ Weaver, and Jill West-accepted opportunities to become co-owners.

Atkinson Electronics was a pioneer in electronic HVAC controls in the inter mountain area, rapidly gaining a market share by supplying highly-accurate Staefa Electronic Controls out of Switzerland. Atkinson´s introduction of European precision analog HVAC control technology revolutionized larger building HVAC controls in the area, offering building owners a state-of-the-art alternative to the pneumatic controls that they had been purchasing since post World War II. During this time, Atkinson´s systems were also sought out to control many of the larger solar energy projects in the area.

During the 1980´s, Atkinson Electronics was a pioneer in introducing digital electronic controls from top to bottom in many of Utah´s larger customers, including Thiokol Corporation, Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, Boyer and Woodland Development Companies, and many others. The advantage of digital network control systems with remote access was rapidly preferred by large building customers over the competition´s antiquated pneumatic control systems. During the early 1980´s, Atkinson´s experience in manufacturing circuit board based solar controls launched the company into building custom HVAC circuit board solutions. Atkinson´s Circuit Board Manufacturing division continues to supply custom interfaces throughout all of North America and worldwide. Atkinson´s Control System division continually takes advantage of this ability to manufacture custom solutions that meet the customer´s specific needs. In addition, Atkinson´s Circuit Board manufacturing division has developed an extensive line of alternative energy controls that are sold worldwide to control generators, PV solar panels, and many off-grid projects. Atkinson´s experience with solar energy is used to evaluate many other solar building projects while in the design process.

Atkinson Electronics´ unique variable flow fan system controls were expanded in the late 1980´s into variable flow critical environment fume hood controls for large research and university laboratories. Atkinson Electronics partnered with Phoenix Laboratory Control Systems to provide custom critical air flow environments. For 20 years Atkinson has dominated this industry in the Utah area and has supplied control systems to the majority of the laboratories and critical manufacturing environments for many large customers, including Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Research, Dugway Proving Ground, Utah State Unified Laboratories, Utah State University, Weber State University, and many others.

Atkinson Electronics has continued to grow through offering a wide variety of building automation and control solutions for hospitals, government buildings, universities, schools and institutions, commercial office space, and critical air environments. Atkinsons systems were the automation backbone for a number of 2002 Winter Olympics projects, including the Gateway redevelopment project in downtown Salt Lake City. Atkinson´s success in designing and installing innovative building automation solutions has won many sales awards over the years.

In 1991 Atkinson moved into its current headquarters in Murray, Utah. The Atkinson office building was recently retrofitted with solar PV and thermal power generation and the latest, state-of-the-art HVAC direct/indirect air conditioning processes. The target of these energy projects has been to lower Atkinson´s overall energy budget by more than 50%. These retrofits have spearheaded Atkinson´s application for a Silver LEED EB Green Building award from the US Green Building Council. Click here for a current live web demo.


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