B2xx Series Characterized Control Valves with NEMA Fail-Safe Actuators, 2-way Valves with Stainless Steel Ball and Stem

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$1,377.00 - $2,903.00
320.00 Ounces
Non Fail-safe Product Range:

Product Overview

Characterized Control Valves

The Characterized Control Valve (CCV) marks a true advancement in control valves. It combines the high close-off capabilities of a ball valve with a specialized disc that ensures an equal percentage flow characteristic. Since its release in 1999, over 2 million CCVs have been sold in hydronic systems. The CCV offers a comprehensive Cv range for various applications such as air handlers, heating and cooling coils, fan coil units, unit ventilators and VAV re-heat coils.

True Advancement in Control Valves

Belimo CCV series includes HTCCV and the 6-way Characterized Control Valves all which feature the innovative ball design and are operated by a rotary actuator. The actuators are controlled by a standard voltage for on/off, modulating, or floating point control which moves the ball valve to the position dictated by the control system. The valve is bubble-tight preventing energy losses and helps reduce operating costs.

Reliability and Safety Performance

Belimo fail-safe damper actuators have a comprehensive torque offering from 22 to 1400 in-lbs torque with direct coupled, rotary or linear travel that can handle many HVAC applications. Fail-safe actuators use brushless DC motor technology controlled by an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) to provide stall protection, lower power consumption, higher efficiency and smaller transformer sizing.

Fail-safe actuators provide lower power consumption, increase torque, and faster running times with MFT technology. Belimo actuator accessories increase application flexibility with more options in mounting and commissioning. A wide selection of universal clamps, electrical connections, and running times are now available providing you a cost effective solution with the same reliability you have come to experience with Belimo.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review