SunExplorer II: 40Amp Solar Charge Controller Kit with Display

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PVCM40Amp Charge Controller Kit with Display:

Product Overview

The controller in this kit is now obsolete and has been replaced by the PVCM40D-MPTLi.Please use the following links:

Controller: PVCM40D-MPTLi: Solar Charge Module programmed for Lithium batteries using Multi Point Tracking

Kit: SunExplorer II 40D-MPTLi: 40Amp Kit programmed for Lithium Batteries using Multi Point Tracking & PWM with Display


**The SunExplorer II (Part#PVCM40D & SEDM6-40) units are only compatible with the SunExplorer II 40 Amp charge controller kit. The parts ARE NOT interchangeable with other parts from other kits.**

The SunExplorer II (40Amp Display Kit) charge controller handles up to 40 Amps at either 12 or 24 volts DC. It is ideally suited for RV’s, Motor homes, off-grid applications, such as small cabins, remote homes, or other off-grid applications.

The PVCM40D micro-processor based photo voltaic (PV) charge controller connects PV panel to 12V or 24VDC storage batteries. PVCM40D determines which mode to operate in, 12V or 24V, by measuring both battery and PV charge voltages. PVCM40D performs five basic functions:

Senses when the battery is fully charged and disconnects the PV charge current to avoid over-charging the battery.

Resumes charging the battery when the battery voltage has dropped sufficiently to accept additional charge current.

Checks the availability of PV charge current, by cycling the relay every 4 minutes. If there is insufficient charge current available, it will disconnect the battery to prevent discharge through the PV panels at night.

Compensates for battery temperature and adjusts the charge threshold voltages when mounted in battery case.

Accepts a charge command from the display unit to enter the charge routine to top off the battery. If the PV charge current is insufficient, it exits the charge routine to prevent battery discharge through the PV panels.

The SEDM6-40’s normal display indication is battery percent remaining and its associated LED. The select button allows the user to turn on the display’s backlight, advance to the next display setting, reset the solar Amp hour accumulator, force the PVCM40D into a charge routine to top off the battery voltage, lock display or current setting, or activate scroll mode. The SEDM6-40 will automatically switch back to the battery percent remaining display setting after 4 minutes unless the display setting lock is activated. The backlight will come on for 15 seconds any time the select button is pushed and will stay on continuously in scroll mode. The PVCM40D micro-processor based solar charge controller. The SEDM6-40 is a high quality brushed aluminum face plate.

PVCM40D Dimensions: W: 4.0” x H: 1.3” x D: 2.1”

SEDM6-40 Display Dimensions: W: 2.75” x H: 4.5” x D: .75”

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