DBCM-75: Dual Battery Charging Module 75 Amp

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Product Overview

The Dual Battery Charging Module 75 Amp (DBCM-75) is made for both marine and RV applications.  It connects both main and auxiliary 12 volt lead acid batteries together only when the alternator is putting out charge current.  When not charging, both batteries remain separated, preventing both from discharging when the ignition or a load is left on.   The main battery is always connected to the alternator to absorb the charge current.  

The DBCM-75 module eliminates the need for a diode type battery isolator, with its associated .7 voltage drop.  This allows the batteries to reach a full charge voltage over 14 volts which prevents early sulfation and shortened battery life.  The contactor handles the current supplied to the second battery only.

The DBCM-75 is also available in 40 Amp version.

Dimensions:  W: 1.20” x  H: 1.2" x  D: 3.20"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review