ASM1/XX/XX/P: Analog Scaling Module Potted

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Product Overview

The Analog Signal Scaling Module that is Potted (ASM1-P) is a rugged, low-cost scaling module that is weather proofed for harsh conditions.  It was designed to rescale control voltages or sensor signals to meet the input requirements of the various controllers.  

The ASM1 will also allow you to use existing sensors and scale the ASM1's output to match your controller’s input requirement.  The ASM1's output can sink the controller’s input pull-up voltage on the application inputs.  The ASM1 can be factory calibrated to your specific signal requirements.  

The ASM1 is also available in a snap track mounting.

For more information go to the product sheet.  It contains the specific information on page 2 that is necessary for the input and output options below.  If you have any questions, please contact AEI’s Tech Support via

Dimensions:  W: 2.2” x H: .75" x D: 1.10"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review