HOA-100 Hand-Off Auto Board

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Product Overview

The HOA-100 is a 4 Channel Hand Off Auto Board designed to pass a voltage signal in auto mode, provide an adjustable voltage signal in hand mode or provide a zero voltage signal in off mode.

The HOA-100 uses an industry standard half wave bridge power supply (terminal #2 of AC supply and the input/output signal commons (-) are connected).  Each channel has its own H-O-A toggle switch and potentiometer for independent control.

CAUTION: Care should be taken to avoid connecting both 24VAC and input to a controller device that utilizes a full-wave bridge rectifier (or floating common).  Mixing half-wave and full-wave bridge rectifier devices on the same 24VAC supply will damage the full-wave bridge rectifier devices when commons are connected.

The HOA is also available in a 2 channel.  See HOA-102S.

For more information go to the Product sheet.  It contains the specific information that is necessary for the range codes below.  If you have any questions, please contact AEI’s Tech Support via cbdaei@atkinsonel.com.  

Dimensions:  W: 2.2” x H: 1.5" x D: 5.5" 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review