SIA07A-VDC Special Function Analog Signal Interface

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Product Overview

The Special Function Analog Signal Interface Module with a mA or VDC output (SIA07A/MA OR VDC/H-L) is designed to perform both high and low signal selection.  The SIA07A can be configured to accept up to six like analog signals.  It will provide a standard mA or voltage output signal.  It has an optional AUX 24V DC @ 150mA power supply for powering six current loops.

The SIA07A is also available in SIA07A-MA.

For more information go to the product datasheet.  It contains the specific information necessary for the options below.  If you have any questions, please contact AEI’s Tech Support via

Dimensions:  W: 3” x H: .1.5" x D: 3.4"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review