DCIM-PCD/PCX-AMP: Phase Cut Signal Amplifier

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Product Overview

The Digital Controller Interface Module - Phase Cut Driver (DCIM-PCD/PCX-AMP) is used when interfacing between DDC controllers and STAEFA magnetic valves or damper actuators. The DCIM can amplify a 0-20VPC signal to a higher wattage 4-20VPC signal.  The DCIM-PCD/PCX-AMP is available with a 27 watt, a 40 watt, or an 80 watt output power rating.

The DCIM is also available in Pulse Converter.  See DCIM-FP. Or a mA/VDC Signal Converter.  See DCIM-PCD/ma-VDC.

For more information go to the data sheet.  It contains the specific information necessary for the options below.  If you have any questions, please contact AEI’s Tech Support via cbdaei@atkinsonel.com.  

Dimensions:  W: 4” x H: 1.5" x D: 3"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review