VRDC40A LVD: Voltage Sensitive Relay for DC Low Voltage Disconnect

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The Voltage Sensitive Relay for DC 40 Amp (VRDC-40A) is an adjustable voltage relay is used in applications where a varying DC battery voltage switches on battery-charging generators, load diversion, or a low-voltage load disconnect.  Microprocessor control with separate cut in/cut out potentiometers allows precise voltage adjustment from 0 to 60 VDC.  With a precise time-delay adjustment of 0 to 255 seconds, the single-pole/double-throw relay provides direct or reverse action for any application. It is easy to adjust with voltage test points and adjustments charts in the data sheet.  The relay is powered by a 12-or 24-volt DC source and is fully encapsulated for harsh environment mounting applications. Loads with more than 10 amps require switching a larger capacity relay. 

The VRDC is also available in 30 Volt and 60 Volt.  See VRDC 12V-30, VRDC 12V-60, VRDC 24V-30 or VRDC 24V-60.

Dimensions: W: 3.0” x H: 1.2” x D: 3.0”



(No reviews yet) Write a Review