VRDC-SEL Voltage Sensitive Relay Select

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Product Overview

The VRDC's will be replaced with the VRDC-SEL.

The VRDC is an adjustable DC Voltage Relay module that is designed for applications where a varying DC voltage is used to switch an adjustable relay, as in generator control, low battery voltage load disconnect, or over-charge load diversion. When used in generator control, the VRDC provides a generator start signal when the battery is discharged below a threshold point. The generator is stopped when the desired battery voltage is achieved. For low voltage disconnect the VRDC measures the battery voltage and shuts off the load to prevent damage from over discharging the batteries.

For high battery voltage applications, the VRDC turns on a diversion load to prevent the battery bank from being over charged, such as in micro hydro power or wind turbine applications. The built-in time (0 to 5 minutes, adjustable) delay compensates for instantaneous battery voltage drops from inverters or other substantial loads. The VRDC is available in either 10 amp or 40 amp relay contact versions. Both versions are powered by 12 or 24V battery voltage but can switch on a signal up to 60 volts DC. The maximum DC voltage across the relay cannot exceed 28VDC.

The VRDC is also available in 12V-30, 12V-60 and 24V-60

Dimensions:  W: 1.2” x H: .5" x D: 3.2"



(No reviews yet) Write a Review