EnOcean Thermostat

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Data Sheet:

Product Overview

The Atkinson Electronics ENOC-THERM device is a wall mounted thermostat. It uses an EnOcean transmitter to send data to an EnOcean receiver or gateway. By using a photocell for power, it does not require batteries. In normal office lighting environments, its internal power storage can last indefinitely.


The ENOC-THERM will periodically check for changes in temperature or set-point knob position. The default interval for this is 100 seconds. If a significant enough change has occurred, the device will immediately send an update transmission to the gateway. Otherwise, a redundant transmission will only be sent after a random number of unchanged readings. By default, this random number is in the range from 7 to 14. That is multiplied by the cycle time to set the time delay for the next redundant transmission.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review