PVCM15: Solar Charge Module 15 Amp

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Product Overview

The solar charge module 15 Amp is a rugged, low-cost inline solar charge controller that is frequently sold as a replacement for competitive chargers that have failed.  In-line solar charge controller eliminates the need for blocking diodes.  

The PVCM15 is fully-encapsulated and can operate under water and in the wide temperature ranges with harsh environments found in remote, solar-powered electronic systems.  The PVCM15 senses when the battery is fully charged and disconnects the PV charge current to avoid over-charging the battery.  The charging will resume when the battery voltage has dropped sufficiently to accept additional charge current.

The PVCM15 can handle up to 250 watts but check the current rating on the solar panel because each manufacturer can be slightly different.

The PVCM is also available in 10 Amp, 25 Amp or 40 Amp versions that have the option for a jack to hook up a display.  See PVCM25, PVCM25D or PVCM40D.

Dimensions: W: 3.2” x H: 1.2” x D: .88”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review