GSCM-mini-P: Generator Start Control Module Mini 1 second Push to Start/Stop

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Contact for the proper hookup diagram.  Please include the generator make & model, inverter brand, & battery bank voltage.

WARNING: Most back up/ utility standby generators are not compatible with remote starting. For further information contact

The Generator Start Control Module-mini-P (GSCM-mini-P) is a non-programmable micro-processor based generator start controller that is designed to auto start and stop gas, duel fuel or tri-fuel generators.

The GSCM-mini-P supports three types of 3 or 4 wire push to start, multiple attempt generators including:

Champion model # 100573
Cummins/Onan model #’s P4500I, P9500DF
Westinghouse model #’s IGen4500, WGen4500I, WGen7500DF, WGen9500DF
Duramax model # XP1300EH Duel Fuel

It provides a 1-second start pulse to the generator micro-processor to start the engine. It then drops into run mode when an AC or pilot lamp voltage is detected.  The GSCM-mini-P is powered by 12 volts DC from the generator battery and can monitor the battery voltage and start the generator to charge its own battery.  

The GSCM-mini-P is also available in a mini, mini diesel version or a programmable version.  See GSCM-mini, GSCM-mini-d or GSCM.

Dimensions:  W: 3.2” x  H: 1.2" x  D: .875" 

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