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Product Overview

The Atkinson Electronics GSCM-RF-FOB device is a wireless RF transmitter. It is used to allow a GSCM or GSCM-Mini to connect to portable generators which have compatible remote control receivers.
The GSCM-RF-FOB also has two buttons which can be used to manually start or stop the generator.


To be sure the GSCM-RF-Fob will work properly with your generator we request that you send to us one of your current remote control fobs before ordering the GSCM-RF-Fob. We can duplicate the signal pattern onto the GSCM-RF-Fob. When you then order the GSCM-RF-Fob, we will ship your original remote control fob back to you with the GSCM-RF-Fob.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review