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GSCM-mini-3R Manual:
Wiring Diagrams

Product Overview

Here is a list of the hookup diagrams for various generators. There are 4 icons to the right, click on “Bookmarks” to find a list of generator hookup drawings.

If you do not find your generator, please contact for the proper hookup diagram.

Please include the generator make & model, inverter brand, & battery bank voltage.


Most Honda EXXXXXIS Series requires a Honda Inverter Cable A0396

Outback 48 Volt inverter systems that do NOT have a dry-contact option will require isolation relay (A0365)


Note: Standby generators will not work with the GSCM or GSCM-Mini. Standby generators have their own control circuitry for monitoring utility power. 


The Generator Start Control Module-mini-3R (GSCM-mini-3R) is a non-programmable micro-processor based generator start controller that is designed to auto start and stop gas or propane generators.


It supports three types of 3 or 4 wire gas-generator control:  momentary, maintained or key ignition.  It automatically disconnects the starter when a minimum generator AC Hz output is measured.  It has a fixed crank time and over and under frequency shut down.  The GSCM-mini is powered by 12 volts DC from the generator battery and can monitor the battery voltage and start the generator to charge its own battery.  The GSCM-mini uses the generator AC output to know when the generator has stated and is running.


The GSCM-Mini-3R also includes a third relay contact that can be configured to do one of several functions. Some of the functions available are a glow-plug start timer, acting as a generator power switch, a manual choke control, generator priming control, and a load control(by way of external load transfer switch)

The GSCM-mini is also available in the original 2-Relay version and the 2-relay diesel version, inverter version or  the GSCM Rev. C programmable version.

Dimensions:  W: 3.2” x  H: 1.2" x  D: .875" 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review