MBCM-12 Multiple Battery Charging Module

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The Multiple Battery Charging Module (MBCM-12) monitors both engine starter batteries and house battery bank.  If one or both alternator is putting out charge current, and the house battery bank needs to be charged, it closes its relay sharing the charge.  The starter batteries must reach 13.5V before the charge current is shared with the house battery bank to insure that the starter batteries will be able to restart the engines.  The house battery bank will continue to charge from each respective alternator until the alternator stops charging or its engine is shut off.  At that point the MBCM-12 relays will open isolating the house batteries from the starter batteries, the MBCM-12 will disconnect one alternator at a time to prevent over charging the house batteries.   

Dimensions:  W: 3” x H: 1.20" x D: 3" 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review